Sunday, 29 April 2012

Testing of climbing equipment - useful links

This article is a work in progress and will be edited throughout the 2 year project

This article is a compilation of useful weblinks for researching climbing standards. The LOLER project has created a list of contacts in order to send out questionnaires relating to European Occupational Equipment Inspection standards and training. Please make contact if you are interested in adding to this list or receiving a feedback questionnaire.

The UIAA promotes the growth and protection of climbing worldwide. They produce safety standards, labels for equipment and guidance on the use of climbing equipment. They were founded in 1932 during a congress of mountaineering associations and are now based in Switzerland. Contact can be made via the contact page on the website.

Here is a link directly to the UIAA training standards. Note: Much of this information is aimed at recreational climbing

The Arb Association are a UK & Ireland based association that provide training and advice to the tree care industries. They can provide information on equipment inspection standards for treeclimbing equipment and have strong ties with the UK HSE

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